where it all started

From our Father Livio, we inherited the passion for the vine, the dedication to work, and the teachings of our grandfather Martino. We, Antonella and Ersiliana, have put the desire to transform this deep family feeling into a life project: Sorelle Bronca.

Piero Balcon, Antonella ed Ersiliana Bronca, Elisa Piazza

Our values

Antonella ed Ersiliana Bronca nel vigneto “Antonella” – Rua di Feletto.

Only from our vineyards, cared for with passion and harvested by hand with the boxes, we obtain wines that are symbols of the territory but also of man’s ability to get the best out of nature.
Hence the fundamental role of research for us understood not only as a way of moving forward but also as an exaltation of what is different by nature, analyzing it in-depth, and questioning each of its aspects as part of a much more complex whole.

The experimentation of new natural preparations for the defense of the vine, the adoption of the modern vision of an ancient technique such as the association between different plant species, the study of spontaneous fermentation is just some of the elementary particles that make up the wine of our cellar.


The search for quality guides our daily work.
Hence the sense of our choices and the natural development of our history.
The obsession for quality and the great love for the landscape led us years ago on the road to eco-sustainability, respecting the nature that surrounds us, and that gives us its best fruits.

Quality has been our passport to the world. It has allowed us to feel the pride of presenting a high-level Italian product, helping to keep the image of Prosecco Superiore and the winemaking tradition of our country high.

Discover our territory

Between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, between the Dolomites and the Adriatic, on high and steep hills where it is difficult even to stand without falling: here our wine becomes the expression of a unique territory, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Our wines

Whites from classic and autochthonous grape varieties and reds of Bordeaux style that enclose the strong bond with our Prosecco hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover the aromas of our wines, savor the taste of our land.