our philosophy

The love for this fertile land, the energy that transforms the fruit, the hands that shape the terroir, and the desire to be different among so many are part of the essence of our wines.

Our Particelle

It is a project born in 2002 motivated for the desire to give a voice to this noble territory that was given to us. The continuous research in our vineyards over the years in the Prosecco Superiore DOCG area has allowed us to discover terroirs that have a particular expression. These unique vineyards, with our intuition together with experimentation in the cellar, have given birth to “Le Particelle” wines with an inimitable identity.

Particella 181

A unique expression of the sweet hills of Conegliano in Rua di Feletto. An irreverent particella that arrives to reinvent Prosecco Superiore DOCG.

Particella 232

A tale of love we feel for our land and the desire to narrate a unique and impervious piece of land, from which wine of incomparable identity is born.

Particella 68

Our first Particella was born in the heart of Colbertaldo, a historic vineyard, steep and impervious, with a unique expression.
About us

Our History

Ours is a family story about a passion for wine and love for the land where we were born and grew up. Here, where our dream as children came true.


Our Landscape

We cultivate the vine in an eco-sustainable way, following the rhythms of nature and family traditions. What guides us is respect for our land, the cradle of the quality of each of our products.