Our story could easily be told so as to sound like a dream. But the truth is that my sister and I didn’t dream, our genuine love for this land grew inside us and became a reality.
If our father, Livio Bronca, passed down to us his passion for the vines it wasn’t because he saw us as potential winegrowers as at that time for women the most likely future was to become good housewives. More than anything it was his dedication, his tales about what our grandfather used to teach him while out among the vines, and understanding the pleasure he took from looking after his grapes that gave us the desire to turn this ancient family calling into a lifelong project.

From this first phase to the reality of today’s company the path has been uphill. Yet we have travelled it hand in hand, Ersiliana and myself, dealing with all the struggles together, just as genuine hillside women would.

Today we smile when we recall stories such as the time when the name of our company, Sorelle Bronca, caused some misunderstanding abroad: in Germany a client thought we were a congregation of wine growing nuns and in the USA they thought we were a group of old farmer’s wives!

My husband Piero, with his deep and natural passion for wine growing and wine, has been an invaluable part of the team. He ushered in the era of experimentation and helped us develop the respect we have always nurtured for the environment and for our much-loved land.
In 1996, right in the heart of the Prosecco area, we made a red wine which took the best from this generous land becoming a special wine which has met with great success. In this same spirit we started the Particella 68 project, the name of which, thought up during an unforgettable evening among friends, refers to a vineyard that each year produces a different wine, son of the seasons and a land with true character.

Our dedication to the path less travelled reaches its climax in our wide-reaching and innovative organic concept which we see as a fundamental part of conserving biodiversity by safeguarding ecosystems and natural habitats. In this sense our continual growth and our most profound value, quality, can be seen to reflect nature itself and its natural rhythms.

Over the last few years Elisa, Ersiliana’s daughter, a passionate young oenologist, has joined the team bringing her enthusiasm to our women’s journey, a journey we share with a wonderful group of men.

Antonella Bronca
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